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Freelance writer, editor, photographer and marketing communicator specializing in dining, drink, lifestyle and travel writing. I love Wisconsin and you should, too. laceyalana[at]

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Honeypie article

50 Things You Need to Eat in Milwaukee Before You Die

In what should be a spoiler to no one, eventually, we’re all going to croak -- it might not be soon, but just in case, be sure you’ve left the land of the living having eaten all of Milwaukee’s iconic foods (and told...

Taco tour la rosita carnitas article

Taco Tour: The best damn carnitas at La Rosita Latina

If I were forced to choose a religion, I’d choose to worship La Rosita’s carnitas. This is the best pig I’ve ever had in a taco — and that’s coming from an avowed al pastor lover. It’s clearly the favorite of just about everyone, as the hot case...

News1 compost.widea article

Milwaukee Restaurants Work to Reduce Food Waste

Up to 40% of the food supply in the United States will never be consumed. That startling fact from the U.S. Department of Agriculture puts into perspective the monumental problem this country...

857863209 e663ea5210 z article

How to Tell That You're at a Wisconsin Wedding

Summer is here, and that means it's wedding season. If you've never attended a wedding outside of Wisconsin, you may not realize precisely how unique our traditions are (most brides from other parts of the US don't think to go barhopping...

Romans1 article

Milwaukee's Love Affair with Dive Bars

You often hear the statistic that there's more bars per capita in Milwaukee than anywhere else in the country. I don't know if that's still true (or really whether it ever was), but I do know that every neighborhood has its corner bar...or three, or seven. By their very nature, neighborhood bars are unassuming gathering places. They've been...

Chili king spicy chicken potato article

Chili King has potential, and a lot of tough meat

Show me a menu of 160+ items, and I’ll show you some great dishes and some bad dishes. But mostly, a ton of so-so dishes. With a menu...

Ljs sports tavern jj burger article

LJ's Sports Tavern and Grill lacks the best thing about a tavern: character

There are three criteria every self-proclaimed sports bar should be judged on: atmosphere, TV quality and placement, and refreshments. When you’re watching a big game, you should be able to see it clearly at all times, be surrounded...

Oldfashioned article

Reporter oblivious to our drinking habits gets skewered by Wisconsinites

A Business Insider writer made a big mistake earlier this week when she penned an article about old fashioneds and failed to make any mention of Wisconsin...

Fuegos steak article

Opening soon: Fuegos, a new Latin restaurant on Willy Street

Fuegos, a new restaurant opening soon on Willy Street, is owned and managed by a family working through the immense pain of loss. Executive chef Oscar Villarreal’s sons, Emilio and Pablo, died unexpectedly in 2013 and 2014, respectively. Fuegos is...

Main article

Milwaukee's 10 Best Bloody Marys

Anyone can pour store-bought Bloody Mary mix from a bottle, but not everyone can concoct an amazing tomato-based vodka drink from scratch that doesn’t taste like ketchup mixed with Gordon’s. We love our Bloodys in Milwaukee, and there are as many house Bloody mix recipes as there are bars and...

Main article

Why Milwaukee Is the Frozen Custard Capital of the World

Milwaukee has a deep love affair with frozen custard... in fact, we have more excellent custard stands per capita here than in any other...

Taco tour el poblano article

Taco Tour: Blackened mahi at El Poblano

During a recent trip to the east side Woodman’s in search of cheap booze, I was distracted by the Mexican restaurant in the parking lot. The large building was a...

5124896194 3e1355ef26 z article

The Most 'Wisconsin' Things Wisconsinites Say

Wisconsinites say some weird stuff... at least to the ears of outsiders. Everything makes perfect sense to us though, so we're not changing. If you find yourself new to the state or just wondering why your friend from New York asks for clarification when you say you're going "up north," this list is for you...

Bloodies article

10 Things You Must do in Milwaukee This Winter

Have you started hibernating yet? No? Good, because there's still stuff worth doing in Milwaukee between snow storms. Like Bloody Marys to be drinking and Brewers to be high-fiving. So shovel your car...

Oscars article

Milwaukee's Best Meals Under $10

Maybe it's the end of the month, maybe you’re saving for a vacation, or maybe your ex stole your rainy-day fund. We’ve all got perfectly valid reasons to eat on the cheap sometimes, but fast food and snacks...